Sound to Picture – it’s here!

Graze Inspired MOVIE – Sound to Picture example from Maple Street Studios on Vimeo.

You think Maple Street Studios and you think great sound production and you’d be right.

We’re awesome! But up until now, sound was as far as we went.

Just like a silent movie… but with sound… and without picture… So actually, nothing like a silent movie!

But anyway, not anymore.

Now… sound to picture has arrived (SFX: Fanfare). We recently upgraded our largest studio to a sound to picture edit suite. Comprising of a Samsung (very big) inch TV, 2 equally very big Pro Tools monitors and another flipping massive inch Samsung TV in the voice booth. So what does that mean? Well, our energy bills are rising… but for you, our client, it means you can now watch as the voiceover artist brings your visual project to life, live in front of you.

Have a TV commercial that you’re launching in a new area? Your pictures are perfect but you’ll need a local accent. Really enjoyed that first take but didn’t feel we got the right emphasis on that second line? Let’s re-record, until the voice matches your visuals just perfectly. Your animation character just walked into a cave? Don’t worry – we can add vocal SFX in the mix – at that exact moment. There and then.

If you have a video, a presentation, an animation, a TV commercial, a product demonstration anything that requires audio and visuals working together, you can get that from us! And we’ll even throw in a nice cup of tea. Perhaps a Bourbon if you’re lucky!

Got a visual project? Give us a call and let’s bring it to life!